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2015 Awards Banquet Photos The S&H Seniors Golf League is open to all senior golfers, both men and women, ages 55 years and older. more»

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November 27, 2015 -- 2015 in Review

League changes for 2015:

  • Mini Classic event replaces Two Player Scramble event.
  • Team Net Stroke Play event replaces Four Player Best Team event.
  • Chip-in Pot increased from $40/week to $50/week.
  • Men 85 years old and older have the option of playing from the green tees at SGC and gold tees at WG but will forfeit the ability to compete (eligible for winning money and trophies) in all Special Events except the Fewest Putts.
  • The "one ball rule" will not be in effect during Open Play or Special Events and members may change balls between holes or on the putting green.
  • More League information from the Golfer's Guide was added to the website.
  • Pro Shop got more involved in resolving pairing issues caused by absent golfers during Special Events.
2015 in Review This year more than 3400 rounds of golf were booked at Schaumburg Golf Club and Walnut Greens. Over $2200 was awarded to 116 members for Special Events as well as 29 trophies to the top winners. Peg Dunn also received a trophy for her hole-in-one at Walnut Greens on hole #4. This year 104 League members accumulated 146 chip-ins and shared over $1100. Jonathan Parsons, General Manager of Golf Operations, provided four free one-hour Golf Clinics to improve our game. The year ended with 190 members and guests attending the Awards Banquet at The Seville for lunch, door prizes, prize money and trophies. Door prizes were purchased from League membership fees and received from generous donations of League Supporters.

The success of the League depends on the volunteers that have made the League what it is today. I would like to thank the League members who volunteered their time and talents to work on the Committee and the Schaumburg Park District Senior Center, Schaumburg Golf Club and Walnut Greens for their continued help, support and advice.

The League isn't just about golf. It's about having fun and more important... making friendships. So in the spring when members wintering in a warmer climate think about coming home and the rest of us who stayed home braving the winter hoping we've shoveled the last snow, I would like you to think about the friendships you've made, remember your past friendships and look forward to making new friendships.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year.

Ed Kelby
League Chair

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