S&H Seniors Golf League

Pace of Play

waiting Slow Pace of Play has affected everyone on the course at one time or another. Just as there is no single cause for slow play, there is no single solution for improving Pace of Play. Factors that contribute to longer playing times are the golfer, course, policies and tee time intervals. Slow play impacts the golf industry from the occasional weekend golfer to the Pros on tour.

How does the League help with the Pace of Play?

How does Schaumburg Golf Club help with the Pace of Play?

How can League members help with the Pace of Play?

Play ready golf by being ready is a good step toward improving the Pace of Play. Saving seconds on each shot by being ready when it's your turn to hit can make a big difference. Slow play isn't just the other guy's fault. Everyone needs to be part of the solution.