S&H Seniors Golf League

Pace of Play


The Schaumburg Golf Club expects each member of the League to complete a 9-hole round of golf in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes. Tee times are scheduled at 10-minute intervals. Each member as well as their entire group is responsible for keeping pace. Tips for keeping a good pace of play are:

  1. Know your tee time and check in early with the starter.
  2. Plan your next shot before you get to the ball. Know your yardage, club selection and line of play before it's your turn to hit. When it's your turn to hit, minimize your pre-shot routine to less than 40 seconds. If you are not ready when it is your turn to hit, an extra 10 or 20 seconds on each shot could easily result in many minutes of wasted time in the round.
  3. There is no honor on the tee. Any member ready to tee off may hit when the group ahead is safely out of range.
  4. Use the buddy system when sharing a cart. Don't wait in the cart while your cart mate hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Play when it's your turn and then let your cart mate pick you up. Or, drive to your ball after you drop off your cart mate and then pick them up after you hit.
  5. Follow the flight of all shots, not just your own. Help others look for their ball if you already know the location of yours and limit the search for the ball to 3 minutes. Provide yardage information to others, if needed. Attend the flagstick for others.
  6. When in a bunker, take a rake with you before you play your shot. After raking the bunker, leave the rake in the bunker.
  7. Keep up with the group in front of you. Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you. Arrive at your next shot just before the group in front leaves the area in front of you.
  8. Be efficient on the putting green. Leave your cart on the side of the putting green closest to the next tee. Mark your ball and lift and clean it when you arrive at the putting green so you are ready to replace it when it's your turn to hit. When possible, line up your putt while others are putting. Continue to putt until you have holed out. Leave the green promptly after holing out. Wait until the next tee to record the scores.