S&H Seniors Golf League

Open Play Rules

Collection and recording of scorecards and chip-ins suspended during Covid-19 restrictions.
  1. Members who didn’t to sign up for an Open Play tee time can contact the Pro Shop for openings or go to the course on Tuesday morning and wait for an opening. Two or more members are required in a group for scores to be accepted for handicapping
  2. The group’s scorer must enter the following information on the scorecard: members’ first and last names, strokes per hole, total gross, and the date. The card must be signed by both the scorer and the attester.
  3. The maximum score on any hole is 9.
  4. Chip-ins must be circled and initialed by one of the other members in the group.
  5. Each member is responsible for the accuracy of their score and reporting their score for each hole to the group’s scorer. The scorer is responsible for promptly turning the scorecard into the golf course Pro Shop after the round.
  6. The scorecard should be filled out as shown below.
Open Play Rules