S&H Seniors Golf League

Fewest Putts Rules

The member in each flight who completes their round with the fewest putts is declared the flight winner. Runners-up are also awarded points in this event. See Special Events webpage for additional information.
  1. Members must sign up for a tee time to compete in this event because of event pairing requirements. Two or more members are required in a group to qualify in this event. A single member in an assigned group will be disqualified if the other members assigned to their group do not show up to play and if the Pro Shop can't place that member in another group. The Pro Shop has the guidelines and authority to move those members to other groups.
  2. The group’s scorer must enter the following information on the scorecard: strokes and putts per hole, gross score, total putts, and the date. The card must be signed by both the scorer and the attester. Also, all “absent” members must be clearly marked on the scorecard.
  3. All strokes taken must be recorded. The 9-stroke maximum on any hole rule does not apply to this event.
  4. Chip-ins must be circled and initialed by one of the other members in the group.
  5. Each member is responsible for the accuracy of their score and reporting their score for each hole to the group’s scorer. The scorer is responsible for promptly turning the scorecard into the golf course Pro Shop after the round.
  6. The scorecard should be filled out as shown below.
Fewest Putts Rules