S&H Seniors Golf League

Covid-19 Restriction Policies

  1. Foursomes are allowed on the course and are scheduled at 10 minute intervals starting at 6:30 am. Therefore, all members that sign up to play on a given day will be assigned a tee time. A gazebo is located outside the pro shop for checking in for your round of golf and signing up to play the following week. DO NOT go to the golf course unless you have an assigned tee time; SGC doesn’t want anyone without a scheduled tee time to come to the course. See additional important information on signing up and paying for weekly tee times and carts at Booking a Tee Time.
  2. Electric carts are available for anyone to rent; only one person is allowed per cart except for members of the same household. After your round of golf, please remove all trash from the golf cart. However, SGC only has 100 carts available and we anticipate having 120-130 golfers each week. So, if you can walk, please do so and leave the carts for those that really need them.
  3. The driving range and putting green are open.
  4. Scorecards and pencils are available for your use. However, the League will not be collecting them or recording scores.
  5. The outdoor bathrooms are available, including the one at the halfway house.
  6. The clubhouse, pro shop and halfway house are closed.
  7. Push carts are not available to rent. Golfers can bring their own.
  8. Food and beverages (including water on the course) are not available. You may bring in only non-alcoholic beverages.
  9. Benches, ball washers, bunker rakes, and the bag drop are not available.
  10. The flag must be left in place while putting; please do not touch it. There is a plastic insert below the lip that will prop your ball up.
  11. If lightening occurs, wait in your car for the all clear signal.
  12. Members must adhere to social distancing guidelines between players: at check-in, at the tee and on the green. No congregating around the clubhouse or in the parking lot is permitted. No handshakes are permitted.

While the Covid-19 restrictions are in place, golf this year will be just for fun and fresh air. The League will have no special events or chip-in pot and will not record scores to keep track of handicaps. If you need anything not available at SGC, make sure you bring it with you.

Members experiencing cold, flu or Covid-19 symptoms or testing positive for Covid-19, or members from a household with someone experiencing those symptoms or testing positive for Covid-19 should not play.