S&H Seniors Golf League

Chip-in Pot

2019 Weekly Chip-in Pot is $50.
A Chip-in Pot is open to all members during all Open Play and Special Events except for the Scramble event. However, members are only eligible to record chip-ins during their first 9-hole round of golf on any day when there is a Chip-in Pot.
Chip-in Any member’s ball that is struck from off the green (putting surface) and results in the ball coming to rest in the cup is a chip-in. However, after a member’s ball first comes to rest on the green, that member is no longer eligible for a chip-in on that hole. The "first cut" area bordering the green is not considered on the green. Chip-ins must be properly recorded on the scorecard by circling the member’s score on the hole that the chip-in was made, and having it initialed by one of the other members in the group. The number of chip-ins that a member can have for each Chip-in Pot (including rollovers) is unlimited. Properly recorded chip-ins are awarded to members even if they didn't complete their round or they were disqualified because of a Special Event rules violation. Year-to-date chip-ins are posted on the SGC/CRC bulletin boards and League’s website.
Prize Money
League registration fees provide the cash for Chip-in Pot prize money. The weekly Chip-in Pot is a fixed amount determined by the League Committee before the season starts. If 50% or more of the members who signed up to play for a week complete their round, the pot will be shared among the members who had chip-ins. Chip-in Pot prize money for one chip-in is equal to that week’s Chip-in Pot (including rollovers) divided by the number of that week’s chip-ins (including rollovers). Fractions of a dollar are rounded to the next highest dollar.

All Chip-in Pot prize money is paid to members at the Awards Banquet. Prize money winners who are not present at the Awards Banquet must claim their money at the CRC Senior Center prior to November 1st with a current ID. Unclaimed prize money will be forfeited and will revert to the League treasury.

Cancellation Policy
If there are no chip-ins for a week or if less than 50% of the members who signed up to play for a week complete their round, the pot and the members’ chip-ins are rolled over into the next week’s Chip-in Pot. A rolled over Chip-in Pot will be shared equally among members who chipped-in during the multiple weeks accumulated in the Chip-in Pot. If the Chip-in Pot is cancelled on the last day of Open Play for the season, the pot will go toward the door prizes at the Awards Banquet.