S&H Seniors Golf League



Date Event  
April 3 Organizational Meeting, CRC Heritage Rm 1 PM  
May 1 Open Play, 1st Day of Golf  
8 Open Play  
15 Open Play, Photo Day  
22 Fewest Putts  
19 Open Play, Remembrance Day  
June 5 Open Play  
5 Committee Meeting  
12 Open Play  
19 Scramble  
26 Open Play  
July 3 Open Play  
10 Open Play  
17 Open Play  
24 Open Play  
31 Par Three, Walnut Greens  
August 7 Open Play  
14 Open Play  
21 Four Club  
28 Open Play  
September 4 Open Play  
11 S&H Classic  
18 Open Play  
25 Open Play  
October 2 No Golf  
9 No Golf  
16 Awards Banquet, Chandler's  
30 Committee Meeting, CRC Heritage Rm 9 AM  
November 13 Committee Meeting, CRC Heritage Rm 9 AM  
The Chip-in Pot is open to all League members and is held during all Open Play and Special Events except the Scramble event.
Chip-in Pot and Special Events are official if 50% or more of the members who signed up to play complete their round.