S&H Seniors Golf League

Booking a Tee Time

SGC has three 9 hole courses: Tournament, Baer, and Player’s. SGC designates two courses for 18 hole play and one course for 9 hole play. SGC will rotate their course designations and all members that sign up to play on any given day will play on the course designated by SGC for 9 hole play. The first tee time for Open Play and Special Events in May and September will be 7:05 am. The first tee time for Open Play and Special Events in June, July and August will be 6:35 am.

Members planning to golf must sign up by checking their name on the "signup" sheet posted on the SGC bulletin board by 5:00 pm Tuesday one week before the day of play. The "signup" sheet will be removed at 5:00 pm on Tuesday one week before the day of play. Members who don’t sign up for a tee time at SGC can send an email (preferred) to or call the Pairing/Tee Time Committee before 9:00 pm on Tuesday to request a tee time for the following week. After 9:00 pm, members who didn’t sign up for an Open Play tee time can contact the Pro Shop for openings or go to the course on Tuesday morning and wait for an opening. Because of event pairing requirements, members who want to play in a Special Event must sign up for a tee time, they cannot request a tee time from the Pro Shop to play in the event. Assigned tee times are posted on the SGC bulletin board and League’s website by the Friday before League play on Tuesday.

Members are expected to check-in with the course starter 15 minutes prior to their tee time. The golf course Pro Shop should be notified if an Open Play or Special Event tee time must be cancelled.

The Pairing/Tee Time Committee makes all pairing and tee time assignments. Members who want to create their own twosome, threesome, or foursome (group) or to change a group for Open Play should contact the Pairing/Tee Time Committee.

Individuals and groups must select either an early, a regular (inclusive of all tee times), or a late tee time rotation for the duration of the Open Play season. Based on their selection, individuals and groups will be rotated weekly throughout the earliest, regular or late available hours of Open Play tee times. For example, an individual or group that signed up for an early tee time rotation, would be rotated weekly within the first couple hours of Open Play tee times depending on the number of early requests. Every individual in a group must make the same rotation selection or the group will be assigned a regular tee time rotation.

Requests for a special tee time are discouraged. In rare circumstances, a request may be taken under advisement and consideration by the Pairing/Tee Time Committee, but with no guarantee of approval. Please plan your Tuesday's accordingly. Requests for a special tee time can be made only for an individual for a specific week. If an individual in a group requests a special tee time and it is approved, only that individual will be accommodated. As a result, the requesting member might not play with their regular group as the remaining members of their group will continue to have their tee time rotated with all other individuals and groups. This is the fairest process to rotate tee times for all members.

Tee time rotation is suspended and special tee time requests will not be granted during Special Events because of event pairing requirements.