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League Archive

The League Archive contains the following information about each golf season: Committee members, golf schedule, Special Event results, final points and dollars awarded, chip-in-pot winners, Awards Banquet, trophy winners, Awards Banquet prize donors, member statistics, handicap changes and web News Archive. The archives are in PDF format and are large.

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League History

1976 Sponsored by the Schaumburg Park District, the S&H Golden Group Golf League begins play May 1976. First tee off is at 7:30 a.m., Thursday mornings at the Golden Acres Country Club, Schaumburg, IL.
1984 S&H Golden Group Golf League holds first tournament day Bogey Hole Tournament. League membership 57 men/25 women; registration/membership fee $10.00; green fees $4.00; cart fee $6.00.
1989 Schaumburg Park District purchases Golden Acres Country Club changes name to Schaumburg Golf Club.
1992 League membership 53 men/19 women. A three (3) person volunteer Committee is formed to oversee league play.
1993 The S&H Golden Group Golf League moves to Tuesday mornings tee off. League membership 63 men/23 women. Committee expands to six (6) members, Handicap/Pairing Committee formed; registration/membership fee of $12 includes a U.S.G.A. approved handicap for all members. Banquet fee is $14.00. Special Event play starts 9 events, entry fee varies according to event $.50 to $2.50, member's choice.
1994 Committee approves league name change from S&H Golden Group Golf League to S&H Seniors Golf League. Purpose of League: to meet new friends, to have friendly competition, to have fun. League Committee approves design of new league logo. League registers with I.R.S. as a non-profit organization. League membership 93 men/32 women. Committee expands; Special Events Committee is formed. Schaumburg Golf Club PGA Professionals hold the first golf clinic for league members, 71 members in attendance. The golf league is featured on SPD TV cable show I Love Jerry.
1995 Special Events include: S&H Classic, 4 Person Scramble, 4 Club Tournaments, Fewest Putts Tournament, Par 3 Tournaments with closest to the pin contest. Entry fee per event is $2.00 member's choice. $.25 chip in pot starts. League Committee expands, Banquet Committee formed. First door prize drawing held with 218 prizes.
1996 League membership 130 men/48 women, Committee expands - Finance Committee formed. Finance Committee opens league bank account. Registration/membership increases to $25.00 (includes all members entry fee to a Special Event). League begins using Illinois PGA point system and prize money payout formula for all events. League joins with Antioch Golf Club and Bonnie Brook Golf Club seniors to form a travel team league. (Play home/away). Committee meets four (4) times a year, October, December, March and July.
1999 League membership 111 men/50 women. Travel team league discontinued because of lack of interest.
2004 League membership/registration fee increased to $30.00; league membership 122 men/43 women. Finance Committee develops league annual financial plan, approved by Committee.
2005 All Volunteer Committee expands Rules Committee and Website Committee formed. S&H Seniors Golf League shows up on internet at www.snhsgl.com. Software was purchased to calculate handicaps. League featured in a segment of SPD cable TV show Heart Beat.
2007 Special Event points payout changed from modified Illinois PGA system to a dollar a point. A Two Person Alternate Shot was added to the Special Events. Website added new features: member statistics, slideshows and Golf 411.
2008 Two Person Alternate Shot Special Event replaced with Two Person Lowest Score Tournament. Website gets a new look and is reorganized.
2009 SGC has gone from three tee-boxes (Red-White-Blue) to four (Green-Red-White-Blue). The senior ladies play the green tee, which is the same location as the red tee was in previous years. Longest Putt Tournament added to Par-3 Special Event.
2010 Senior men play from the red tees. All members are eligible for League sponsored Chip In Pot that runs on Open Play days. New modified rules governing water hazards and unmowed long grass areas. Remembrance Day added for members that passed away. Website gets a new look.
2011 League membership is capped at 200 through attrition. Two Person Lowest Score Tournament replaced with Two Person Best Team Tournament. League survey taken. CRC Senior Center handles more League administration.
2012 League membership remains capped at 200. CRC Senior Center takes over League Registration. A login was added to the League's website for the Handicap Committee to maintain League membership, post scores, calculate handicaps and prepare flights for Special Events.
2013 League membership remains capped at 200. A few Special Event changes: The Four Player Best Team Tournament was scheduled earlier in the year to avoid the hotter days to minimize absent members. If a member is disqualified in a Special Event due to absent members in a group, the Starter and/or Pro Shop will attempt to place the disqualified member in another group. If a Special Event is cancelled two weeks in a row, the event will be suspended and the money for that event will go toward the door prizes at the Awards Banquet.
2014 League membership cap increased to 215. Chip In Pot expanded to include Special Events. Player limited to one chip-in per pot rule changed to allow multiple chip-ins per pot. Golfer's Guide reorganized.
2015 League membership remains capped at 215. Mini Classic event replaces Two Player Scramble event. Team Net Stroke Play event replaces Four Player Best Team event. Chip-in Pot increased from $40/week to $50/week. Men 85 years old and older have the option of playing from the green tees at SGC and gold tees at WG but will forfeit the ability to compete (eligible for winning money and trophies) in all Special Events except the Fewest Putts. The “one ball rule” will not in effect during Open Play or Special Events and members may change balls between holes or on the putting green. More League information from the Golfer's Guide was added to the website. Pro Shop got more involved in resolving pairing issues caused by absent golfers during Special Events.
2016 League has new email address. Team Net Stroke Play, Mini Classic and S&H Classic event scores applied toward handicaps. Chip-in Pot $30/week first 11 weeks and $40/week the last 11 weeks. Men 85 and older may request playing from the green tees at SGC and gold tees at WG and can compete in all Special Events after establishing a handicap from the green tees at SGC. Individuals and groups (twosomes, threesomes or foursomes) may request early, late or normal Open Play tee time rotations for the duration of the season. Committee meets three (3) times a year; May, October and November.
2017 In June, SGC started their three year Golf Enhancement Plan. The League was split and played on two courses (Baer and Tournament). Members were alternated every two weeks between the courses. To help with pace of play, the maximum strokes per hole was changed from 10 to 9, red tees moved forward on Tournament holes #1, #4 and #7 and Baer holes #1, #2 and #6 and SGC provided rangers. The weekly Chip-in Pot was set to $35 a week. The Team Net Stroke Play and Mini Classic events were replaced with two Scrambles.
2018 New website design for all devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) and window and screen sizes. SGC continued their Golf Enhancement Plan with the Players closed. The League was split and played on the Baer and Tournament. Members were alternated every two weeks between the two courses. In July, SGC opened the Players and closed the Baer. The League was split and played on the Players and Tournament. The Red and Green tees were replaced with Grey and Cedar tees. To help with pace of play, the Grey tees were moved forward on Tournament holes #1, #4 and #7 and Players hole #9. The weekly Chip-in Pot was $30 a week.
2019 League play follows new League Rules of Golf that are similar to but differ from the USGA Rules of Golf. SGC continued their Golf Enhancement Plan with the Baer closed. The League was split and played on the Players and Tournament. Members were alternated every two weeks between the two courses. In July, SGC opened the Baer and closed the Tournament. The League was split and played on the Players and Baer. The weekly Chip-in Pot was $50 a week.
2020 The 2020 golf season was impacted by the Covid-19 virus. In order to be safe, the league had only open golf. There were no tournaments or chip-ins, and no end of the season banquet. The Schaumburg Golf Club finished their golf enhancement plan with the opening of the Tournament course at the end of July. As a result, the league is now back to playing on just one course. Jonathan Parsons, the general manager of golf operations at the Schaumburg Park District, will now be our new league contact person.