S&H Seniors Golf League


About The S&H Seniors Golf League is open to all senior golfers, both men and women, ages 55 years and older. Member volunteers with the support of the Schaumburg Park District Senior Center and Schaumburg Golf Club run the League. The purpose of the League is to:

The League Committee is responsible for League Rules and several modified Rules of Golf to meet the needs of senior golfers to be able to continue to play and enjoy the game of golf.

The League's 9-hole season at Schaumburg Golf Club begins the first Tuesday of May and runs through the last week of September and consists of open play golf, competitive golf (special events) and a weekly chip-in pot. Prize money for special events, chip-in pot, trophies, and prizes won through chance drawings held at the annual Awards Banquet in October are paid for from the League registration fees. Complete League information can be found in the Golfer's Guide booklet.

2018 February Schaumburg Heartbeat -- Field Reporter Denis DeCamp talks with guests Dick McCloughan about the construction of the Sears Tower (00:33), Ed Kelby about the S&H Seniors Golf League (22:50) and Jon Parsons about the SGC Golf Enhancement Plan (32:55).